Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday, I celebrated my 27th birthday!

Obviously, it's a joyous occasion, but I wasn't feeling satisfied going from 26 to 27.

I hadn't run as much as I should have, and to be honest, I hardly ran at all. I didn't run in any races. I never got to the fitness level I was striving for. Not even close.

This is just a small portion of my many failures throughout the year 2010, when I was 26.

I don't want to experience the same heartache when I turn 28. I've decided to start the new year off with a simple goal. To have run 27 miles by the end of my birthday month of February 2011!

Let the challenge begin!

So far I have run 10.1 miles for the month of February. Only 16.9 miles to go! Will I meet this goal by the end of the month?


Yossi said...

Awesome Goal! I hope to run 100 miles by the time I reach my 100th Birthday!!

Yoshi said...

LOL You are too cute!

Yossi said...

I just ran out of TP does that count towards miles?